Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Checklist for trade fair planning

 Are you travelling to another city, state or country to attend a trade show? Trade shows in other cities and regions can provide great opportunities to generate new leads and expand the business. However, they can also be stressful and challenging experiences. You might be interested in booth design Dubai.

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As always, the key to success is preparation. From the accommodation to the exhibition space, booth etc. - the earlier you prepare for the event, the more successful it will be.

Prepare your booth

Your exhibition stand design - regardless of whether you buy a booth or rent the booth - is the heart of every trade fair. Therefore, everything important must be clarified in advance. We have listed all the important stand items to make preparing your stand construction for transport quick and easy: Know more about exhibition stand design.

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Packaging: Is your booth ready to travel? Make sure all displays for the trade fair construction in Frankfurtpacked and prepared for shipment. 

Furniture: If the furniture is being transported to the venue, make sure everything is pre-packaged. If you rent furniture, make sure it's ready for opening day.

Printed matter: Brochures, catalogues and business cards are essential for a successful trade fair. Make sure you have prepared and packed your products in time. Learn more about exhibition stand design Dubai.

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Giveaways: Are you giving away t-shirts, vouchers or other items? Make sure everything is in place to enjoy a stress-free event.

Storage: For brochures, pens, name tags and other small items, it is a good idea to bring some plastic containers to store these small items during the fair. Get to exhibition stand builders in UAE.

Booth Items: Make sure you've packed plenty of pens, markers, notepads, and other office supplies, as well as useful tools like scissors, staplers, tape, and folders.

Business Card Bowl: Do you want business cards to get lost at your stand? A large bowl makes managing business cards easy.

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These items are not mandatory for your booth, but it is advisable to take them with you:

Mints: Trade shows can be long and stressful, so it pays to bring a supply of mints to keep your sales reps fresh throughout the event. Are you looking for exhibition stand design ideas?.

Snacks and Water: Pack a supply of bottled water and small snacks to keep your team fed throughout the event without leaving the booth.

Hand sanitiser: You'll shake a lot of strangers' hands at a trade show. A bottle of hand sanitiser will help keep your hands fresh and clean.

Casual shoes: Business shoes and high heels can hurt your feet after a long day. It is therefore advisable to pack a pair of leisure shoes for the time after the fair.

First-aid kit: The organizer usually has a first-aid kit at hand. However, you should at least take some bandages, painkillers and other basic first aid kits with you.

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logistics and accommodation


It is important to plan your logistics and accommodation in advance, especially if you have a long journey to the exhibition event:

Accommodation: Book as early as possible to avoid price premiums. Many organizers have negotiated agreements with nearby hotels so you can get an exhibitor price for your rooms.

Exhibition Stand Storage: If you deliver your exhibition stand in advance, make sure you have a customized storage solution.

Plane, train or bus tickets: A long trip? Make sure you book your flights, train or bus tickets as early as possible. If you are driving to the venue, plan your route in advance so you can estimate the driving time required for the trip.

Trade Show Registration: It should go without saying, but you should register for the event and book your place as early as possible. Early booking often means lower fees and special early booking discounts.

Documents: Make sure you have all the documents for your trip ready. This goes from event tickets to hotel bookings, flights, etc. If you are travelling with a team, you should scan the most important documents and save them in cloud storage.

Ready for the fair?

Attending a trade show can be an exciting experience and a great way to grow your business. Prepare intensely for the time and enjoy a quieter, less stressful event perfect for helping your business achieve its sales, marketing and growth goals.